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Thread: advice needed

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    advice needed

    Salaams zakkiya. I have a cherrywood bedroom suite and dresser and would like to do built in cupboards. Was thinking of the same colour but not sure if it will be "too much" of the same. Should I do a different colour built in cupboards?I also have dark grey with blue swirls curtains and the room is painted light blue. What colour do you suggest I paint the room? Jazakallah.

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    Salaams and thank you for your query.

    I have put together a few pins relating to your query on the Ask Nanima Decor Drama forum board under "Cherrywood bedroom" here - http://www.pinterest.com/zakkiyak/as...r-drama-forum/

    In terms of your walls, it sounds as though the pale blue works as it is in line with accent colours in your curtain. Unless a repaint is needed, I wouldn't change the wall colour, in which case, I would still suggest a pale aqua like blue with the wall behind your bed being a darker shade of blue. Have a look at this pin, the palette works well and it is timeless. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/224476362651437193/

    For your built in cupboard, my fear of continuing with cherrywood is that it will darken the space. I would rather recommend going for a white finish with a wood grain formica or max on top. You could even choose a warmer white that is closer to cream to complement your cherrywood further, however a plain white will work alongside blue just as well.

    To tie the look together, I'd suggest you introduce coral and navy in soft furnishings, like throws, mats and cushions - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/224476362651437227/

    Hope I've helped and happy renovating!
    Zakkiya Khan
    facebook- https://www.facebook.com/winkingplum

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