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Thread: is it ok

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    is it ok

    Need your help.
    My wife insist I tell her an erotic story while we foreplay. We are the actors and its usually threesome or sex in public and she will orgasm, no story no big o. We love each other dearly but I some times feel guilty having to tell her friction of how I have sex with other ladies.
    Is it OK?
    Anybody else have the same habbit?

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    There is nothing wrong or unusual about fantasizing during sexual intercourse. We all have different needs and there are different things that turn us on. You should be grateful that you have such a good relationship with your wife that she is able to communicate her needs and desires, which allows her to achieve her big O. In many relationships, due to lack of trust or shyness, there is little or no communication, and for years the woman simply fumbles along without full satisfaction. You should be proud that you are such a good story teller that you put your wife in the best mood to achieve the big O. I wish you many, many years of fun!

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