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Thread: Healthy eating during breastfeeding

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    Healthy eating during breastfeeding

    I read that breastfeeding mums need more calories, like 2000 calories a day. it is really true and what foods can I eat to make up the calories? Shukaar, my baby is 4wks old and I'm pleased2be back@pre pregnancy weight n body. I'm extra careful what2eat. But I want my baby to be geting good quality milk? Sophia Saib

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    Breast feeding moms need nutrient risk food and not so much calorie dense food. Baby does 'eat' what you eat but there is no reason for you to eat for two.
    To ensure your baby gets good milk ensure you have low GI carbs at each meals. These will keep you fuller for longer and also give you the slow release energy you will need. If you feel hungry often, stay away from chips and sweets. Snack on whole grain cracker and reduced fat cheese/ peanut butter/ fat free cottage cheese.
    Snacking on a whole fruit will also be beneficial as baby will be getting lots of nutrients through the milk.

    make meal times low fat and high in vegetables. Do not only cook butternut, sweet potato, potatoes or carrots as these can be starchy. Together with these in limited amounts include mushrooms, marrows, spinach, peppers, baby corns, green beans etc. It would also depend on which vegetables baby can tolerate as many people feel like spinach, cabbage and beans gives the baby gas. This differs from person to person and do not avoid them for no reason..

    Juice can be included in moderate amounts but water is very important. not only for your health but the more fluid you drink the more milk you will produce.
    Leave junk foods for weekends or special occasions. junk foods do not offer the baby much in terms of nutrients and these should not be eaten too often.
    Continue on your multi vitamin and mineral and omega tablets your doctor has prescribed.

    Well done to be back at your pre pregnancy weight. Many women struggle to lose the baby weight post pregnancy.
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