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    Which multi vitamin wud u recommend for females 35 n older?

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    slmz. Please remember that most multivitamins are the same. To be approved by the FDA (Food and drug administration) a multivitamin will need to be well balanced with all the required minerals and vitamins so your body will take what it needs and metabolise the rest so you can pass it out in your urine. So any oneis fine like centrum. it is not worth taking more than one pill e.g an extra calcium supplement unless your doctor had recommended it after a tested and diagnosed deficiency. As an over 35 though please make sure that your multivitamin does have calcium, magnesium and phosphates in. If you have an underactive thyroid, trying to fall pregnant or are trying to lose weight take a multivitamin called staminogro. If you have a history of heart problems like choleserol or heart attacks take a multivitamin with added omega 5. if you have IBS or tummy issues take a multivitamin with added probiotics.
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