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    umme muhammed


    Slm. Please advise what foods to avoid while breastfeeding. Thnxx

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    faaizah asmal
    slms. There is no scientific evidence which has been shown to cause discomfort or gas to the baby through the breast milk but many people believe that foods which cause wind should be avoided. it will depend on you and how your baby will feel after eating foods like beans, cabbage, dhals and yellow vegetables.
    The most important thing to remember is that whatever you are eating baby is 'eating' too through the breast milk. so try to have a balanced diet full of nutrient dense foods. low fat milk for calcium and protein. lean meats and fish is also important for omega 3 fatty acids.
    there is no need to eat for two. eating overly large meals can cause the mom to put on unwanted weight. try to avoid foods like fatty fried and take away foods as these have little to no nutrients. you do not have to avoid these foods but try not to make them a habit.
    drink lots of water as water will ensure you have adequate milk supply. so the more nutrient dense your diet is, the more nutrients baby will get and grow well and healthy. take your vitamin and minerals as your doctor has prescribed.

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