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Thread: multivitamins

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    I give my children 1 tsp omega oil and 1 teaspoon biostrath in the morning. Is this fine or is it better to give before they sleep.
    I also want to know when is the best time for myself to take a calcium magnesium supplement.

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    slmz. i would like to advise you to rather opt for a multivitamin. omega and biostrath are excellent for brain function but a piece of fish/tuna/salmon is just as good. and i find that biostrath is not cost effective especialy for the older kids where they can get the same amounts of nutrients from a once a day multivitamin. perhaps provide that on a weekly basis. but if they enjoy it and you see the results please provide it during the day not at night simply due to the fact that some kids may be sensitive to the Vitamin B's which does cause a small increase in metabolism and an energy boost. Always try take vitamins with something fatty as well as the Vitamins A,D and E get absorbed better with a fatty food. iron gets abosorbed better when taken with Vit C products e.g. orange juice so all best taken in the morning. also please remember to deworm ALL children regularly (atleast 6 months to yearly) as it is well researched and known to support immune function.
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