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Thread: Healthy lunches

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    want to be healthy

    Healthy lunches


    My children come out of school. I am lost what to make for them for lunch after school. I want to make something light because we have a good supper.

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    Thank you for your query! They are due home from school in and hour and you just know that they will be hungry when they get home. These after school snacks are easy, healthy recipes to fill their tummies that will bridge the gap between home time and dinner time.
    -Macaroni and cheese: If made in larger batches mac and cheese freezes very well. Replace full cream milk with low fat and slices of lean processed meat can be thrown it to add variety.
    - granola bars and fruit smoothies: This is especially great for kids who are lazy to drink milk. See smoothie recipe under the smoothie thread. Any fruit (banana/ mangoes/ berries) can be blended with milk, yoghurt and oat bran to make a lovely smoothie!
    - Pockets Roll out pizza dough to 1/4 inch thick; cut into small rounds. top with either tomato and mozzarella mix, or chopped broccoli and cheese mix, or pastrami, cheese and tomato. brush the sides with eggs and fold to make a pocket so it looks like a 'moon'. brush with egg and sprinkle parmesan over. bake at 180 degrees for 30minutes. wait till completely cool to freeze.
    - Vegetable sticks (carrot, cucumber, peppers) with plain yogurt dip
    - mini chicken burgers: use mini buns to make mini chicken/ meat burgers
    - hummus, vegetable sticks, kebaabs and pita bread
    - oven baked crispy chicken strips with chips
    - half a pita filled with feta, salad and olives
    - filo pastry with a filling. baked till golden brown.
    - parfait: layers of muesli, yoghurt and fruit
    - grilled fish fingers, lite mayo and steamed veges
    - sushi surprise: roll a slice of bread thinner with a rolling pin, spread with a cheese/ low fat cream cheese filling (chives flavour is delicious) place vege sticks in the middle (carrot, cucumber, baby corn, or steamed green beans) and roll like a sushi.
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