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    big o

    Slms sisters

    Im newly married n wud like to know is there a way 4 our hubbys to make us cum or have an big o.. i desperately want to release but cant seem to do so.. is there a position maybe or anything we missing??


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    wslm. if you looking for ways to turn yourself on please try elsewhere. who's we and our hubbys? bunch of kids fooling around

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    If he is agreeable, try using a vibrator to help stimulate you while being intimate with him.

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    Big O

    Most women do not achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone and require stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones of the body (breasts, neck, etc.). Remember, the skin is the largest sexual organ; a massage with scented oil helps to put one in the mood and to feel aroused. You and your husband should try different things to arouse and pleasure each other. Be adventurous and find out what helps you to reach the Big O. Being shy during the first few months of marriage is natural, but this also inhibits one's activities. Communication is the most important to overcome this shyness and for each of you to know what he/she needs to obtain full satisfaction. Communication also helps each of you understand what the other does not like / would not like to do. Do not feel pressured to do anything you do not want to do; but to be able to say no requires confidence and an understanding partner. Sometimes, men are lazy to take the time with foreplay; at other times they just don't know what to do. For women, sexual arousal is in the brain & it takes time to get completely aroused; for men it is in the sexual organs and the slightest touch causes arousal. As one of the other posts says, try a vibrator, perhaps by yourself first to see what makes you reach the Big O, and then show your hubby how to use it.

    I have posted the advice of Shaikh Ahmed Kutty in one of the other threads below, please read it.

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