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Thread: need your help

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    bride to be

    need your help

    I' m a female who ' s going to get married soon
    insha Allah .
    I have a question regarding oral sex, should my
    husband request ''' do I do it ? anonymously to
    you practice ? is it fun ? and should I ask him to
    do for me as well?
    please make duaa for me I am very nervous
    regarding sex and wearing lingerie and him
    squeezing my breast. I also heard heard men
    love bitting nipples .. oooch. ..
    please help , much appreciated.

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    congratulations. may Allah always keep you happy and loving.
    oral sex is good it's fun and a real turn on. personaly my hubby returns the favor. I sometimes surprise him by waking him up in that way( u know what I mean) .
    my dear don't worry about lingerie, it doesn't stay on for long any way.
    my hubby was crazy for boobs and when he bit too hard I reminded him I'm a human. don't be afraid too.
    best of luck

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