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Thread: need your help

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    bride to be

    need your help

    I' m a female who ' s going to get married soon
    insha Allah .
    I have a question regarding oral sex, should my
    husband request ''' do I do it ? anonymously to
    you practice ? is it fun ? and should I ask him to
    do for me as well?
    please make duaa for me I am very nervous
    regarding sex and wearing lingerie and him
    squeezing my breast. I also heard heard men
    love bitting nipples .. oooch. ..
    please help , much appreciated.

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    congratulations. may Allah always keep you
    happy and loving .
    oral sex is good it' s fun and a real turn on .
    personaly my hubby returns the favor . I
    sometimes surprise him by waking him up in
    that way ( u know what I mean ) .
    my dear don' t worry about lingerie, it doesn ' t
    stay on for long any way .
    my hubby was crazy for boobs and when he bit
    too hard I reminded him I ' m a human . don ' t
    afraid too .
    best of luck

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    Oral sex

    The following is considered as sexual perversions in Islam, and hence must be shunned by couples:

    1. Anal intercourse is strictly forbidden in Islam.
    2. Sadistic sexual practices such as taking pleasure in inflicting pain, or beating or chaining one's spouse, etc. are forbidden.
    3. There is no place in Islam for what is known in the west as group sex. Likewise, it is also forbidden to engage in kissing or foreplay or intimate touching of one's spouse in public. Islam recommends confidentiality in sexual union between the spouses.
    4. Engaging in sexual activity with one's spouse while watching a sex movie or nude picture or imagining another woman or man is strictly forbidden.
    5. It is also forbidden to divulge one's sexual exploits with one's spouse with others.
    See response under "Husband and Wife"

    It takes time to get accustomed sharing a bed, a bedroom, a bathroom with another person. It takes time to get used to being naked with someone else; to allow someone to be intimate with you. Take your time and learn to enjoy all these new experiences. Relax! Explore! Take your time! Practice makes perfect! Ensure that you are communicating your feelings and likes and dislikes with each other regularly. In this way, both of you will make sure that you know what the other person wants and does not want. If you do not like something, tell him. If you like something, tell him. Show him what pleases you. Remember, the skin is the largest sexual organ - touching, kissing, nibbling, caressing, massaging all helps with arousal. Show him your erogenous zones - those areas of your body that makes you tingle and feel good - the back of the neck, ear lobes, back of the knees, lower back, inner thigh, soles of the feet. Also remember that very few women achieve an orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Teach him to explore your body and to caress your clitoris. Oral sex can be fantastic, provided both enjoy it. If you do not like it, tell him; if you enjoy him doing it to you, then encourage him. You should not feel compelled to do anything you do not want to do. May you have a fun-filled marriage.

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    be open and have fun

    be open and have fun.

    Remember, after all the advise given. If hubby wants something and you can't give it to him, he can always find it elsewhere.

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