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Thread: Marriage question

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    Marriage question

    I have found somebody who I feel completely perfect for me, he comes from a good family, is financially stable and he wants to bring a proposal but he is from Cape Town and is Urdu speaking which my parents do not approve of. I am very confused as to what to do, I feel like all these issues do not matter as long as he is a good muslim from a good family which he is but the old fashioned way of thinking is causing a problem. How do I approach the situation?

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    Salaamz sister

    Your parents want whats best for you
    Perhaps you should let your parents meet this guy, or speak to him and see how they feel about him them.
    also, find out exactly why your parents do not approve of him. If is just because he from CT and speaks Urdu?

    if this is the case, then explain to your parents that it doesnt matter to you and tell them the good qualities in him, why you think hes perfect for you.
    at the end of the day all that you want is to be happy, and im sure thats what your parents want as well

    lastly turn to the Almighty, perform Salaatul Istikhaara, ask Allah for guidance.

    if this is right life partner for you, then Inshallah Allah will open up your way

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