Slmz all.. I'm having major issues with my in laws.. They keep on telling people I'm ungrateful to them for the things they do, and when I hear about it they and ask them then they accuse me of fighting with them and they treat me like I'm a nothing. They ignore me and dontd don't bother with me then. My mil too, despite knowing how many problems my husband and I are facing, she never not once speaks to me and asks if we ok or if I'm ok. But she speaks to her son. How must I feel? Obviously it makes me feel that they don't care about me coz they never show any love care and concern towards me. Its only my husband and child they interested in. How am I supposed to feel. What should I do? How can I get the love and respect I deserve. Whatever I do, always goes unappreciated. Its like ima nobody and a nothing to them. They only greet me and that's that. Unless they have to speak with me, they don't talk to me at all. Please help. I feel miserable. Iv talked to them about this, but there has never been any change, they keep treating me the same way.