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Thread: is it true friendship?

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    is it true friendship?

    Hi I'm posting on behalf of a friend in need.

    I have a friend who knows this guy for many years (long distance friends). The guy "apparently" takes my friend as his best friend and they like open about everything. When they first met on mxit he said his name was "w" and after many years when he found a gf he decided to confess n say his real name is "A"

    The problem being in june this guy said its a "flirtationship" btwn them, my friend was hurt but 4gave him. A while after he said he's inlove with her yet having a gf..

    Now its gone to a point were this guy openly "makes love to my friend via bbm" and he has a gf...

    What I find strange is being 'best friends" not once did he ever speak to her on da fone always makes excuses yet talks to other girl on da fone. Secondly this whole bbm love making..

    My friend is desperate to understand this guy claiming to b best friends. I'm out off ideas to help my friend. They like talk everyday but ends up being intimate n that's da only time she has his full attention other then that its like awkwards 'best friend convo"

    I've tried explain to my friend he's bad news but she refuses to understand what do I tell her? My friend says his her dream guy wealthy, educated romantic n good looks. But he's playing around I would say.

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    Seriously, how old are you guys? This sounds like some teenage drama. Your friend is hoping and dreaming for something that will never happen, she knows this, but she just doesn't want to accept it. There is nothing to understand, that guy is stringing her along, he has lied to her and he is not serious. All you can do is advise your friend, you can't force her to do anything.

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    He started this friendship by lying about his name. You cannot begin to consider a relationship based on even a single lie. Tell your friend to move on and find someone who is honest.

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    get some common sense

    R u pple 4 real???
    How can u b inlove with sme1 uve never met or seen or spoken to in person? A dream guy, rich, successful, handsome! People over the net can be any1 or anything they want! I can't believe such modern girls r so gullible! Grow up and grow some common sense all this guy is looking 4 is a fun time to sit back and play with himself, tell the psycho to contact a porn chat site and get a whore to tickle his cock, tell ur friend 2 get a life and find a real person 2 obsess over there's plenty of fish in the sea!

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