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Thread: pulling of legs

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    pulling of legs

    Hi, I have this pain in my back which then pulls into my legs. It is so painful that @times I can't walk because my legs feel so heavy. I have had 3 C-sections and epidurals with all 3. My last was 2 years ago. Pls help also suffering with migraines

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    My apologies, for some or other reason I missed this post.

    Firstly I would advise that you see your practitioner to assess that you do not have a prolapsed intervertebral disc and subsequent nerve entrapment. Under the supervision and advice of your practitioner, and if the pain is as a result of muscle inflammation, I would suggest that you go for rehabilitative pilates. Stretching and strengthening the muscles of your back, abdomen and legs may help in the reduction of pain. Another measure you can use for pain management is cupping therapy. This will also help resolve soft tissue inflammation. Take hot baths with a cup of epsom salts. Keep the back and legs warm. Massage it daily with blackseed winter oil (or something similar). Add tumeric and cayenne pepper to meals. Avoid cold and refrigerated foods and drinks. Drink warm water daily. You should also try to drink a cup of warm water with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of raw honey 30 minutes before meals every day.

    Again I apologise for not responding sooner

    Best Wishes
    Dr Joy Saville
    BSc (CHS). BCM (UTM) Summa Cum Laude
    Unani-Tibb Medicine

    Always consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information to your own situation.

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