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Thread: Rebellious 9 year old

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    Concerned Mom

    Rebellious 9 year old

    I would like you to recommend someone – Free Counselling for me please in Lenasia.

    I have a daughter 9 years old? She is so rebellious not sure what happened , she was very sweet etc… Now she has this attitude, refuses to listen. She throws these tantrums which is so unbelievable and is actually draining me out !! Please help

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    Just a thought!
    Instead of you focusing on yourself only ,why dont you focus on uour daughter and find out if shes okay? Something personal maybe? Perhaps something has happened that shes afraid to talk to you about???
    Its unusual for a child to take a 360 turn @ a young age @ 9

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    Try the Islamic Helpline - service is free and they have really great, trained councillors. Good Luck!

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    Some children can get bullied at school and can take out the frustration at home.
    Ask her who her friends are, what games they play at break time, who sits with her in class, does her desk-mate talk to her, how was school, etc.
    Maybe you can guage from that if she's getting bullied.
    Islamic Careline in Fordsburg does play therapy with children to help with issues relating to children.

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