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    Slmz Ladies,Maaf for the sensitive question ...Would like to know how common it is for a muslim male to ask his wife for a BJ nd want to return the favour ? I find this disgusting and untolerable but he insist on it.

    Also would like to know is it normal for him to want me naked most of the time in the room ?

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    I am not sure what is and what is not allowed islamically, but I can give you this advice as a woman. It doesn't matter if it's "normal", if other men do it and their women don't mind. If you are uncomfortable, you need to tell him. I know it can be a little awkward, esp most girls are brought up to be modest. The BEST thing you can do for your sex life and your marriage is sit down and talk to him. Tell him you are uncomfortable discussing such things, so he must be patient. Don't say "disgusting", you're not there to judge, rather say things like "I feel uncomfortable" or " I don't like doing it". He obv cares about you, he would not ask you to do it if he knows it makes you uncomfortable.
    As for being naked, hahaha, all men want that, it's a good sign he wants you. But the same thing goes here, set your boundaries. He won't know unless you tell him. Don't be harsh and don't judge. Good luck!!

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