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    I have a 3year old boy. He often throws temper tantrums and most of the time I deal with him in a calm manner but I am a working mum so there are days where I just don't have enough patience. How should I deal with a active boy that is happy most of the time but just throws bad tantrums when he does not get his way. I feel bad when I scold him a lot but at the same time he needs to learn that he cannot always get his way. HELP!!

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    The only reason he is throwing tantrums is because he has realises that this sort of behaviour gets him what he wants. Tantrums need to be ignored. Walk away saying, when you done then I will talk to u. Do not give in to the tantrum and the demands. He needs to know that your in control. When he is calm say to him that u love him but dislike that sort of behaviour. Once he realises that the tantrums do not have the desired effect, it should subside.

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