Please help...I live next door to my in-laws on d same prop, separated by just a door. I have 3 kids. My mil n fil have no respect for my privacy. They r constantly in my house. They come at fetch my kids at any time of d day. We can't have a decent family meal without them coming to take my kids. If I make rules in my house they allow my kids to break them. I'd be getting ready to bath d kids n they fetch them n take them for hrs till I go n get them. If I am playing with my kids they come n fetch them-not to spend time with them- but put them in front of d tv. If I say anything they gonna think I don't want them to see d kids, but I take d kids to see them. I just want a little space n privacy. My fil will even come n sit in my room n play with them there. Pls help...I feel stifled. Am I being selfish?