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Thread: How do I educate daughter about changes in her body?

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    How do I educate daughter about changes in her body?

    Nanima, How does one start talking to your young daughter of about 11 about the changes in her body as well as how do you introduce the use of their first bra. My daughter is very very shy and I would need to talk to her soon about these matters. How did you deal with this matter when your girls started off?

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    Slms. I would suggest telling her about the menses, 4rm a medical perspective as well as an islamic perspective. Sometimes it helps getting diagrams to show how the cycle works 4rm ovulation to when the period comes.
    Also, it will help telling her your story about when u got your period. A lot of girls feel weird when they get their period 4 the 1st time, as if its something dirty or like something is wrong with them, esp if all of their friends in school haven't got their periods yet.
    @ the end of the day, if u talk about it comfortably, then she'll be comfy with it, inshaAllah.

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    I agree, telling her how you got your period is a great idea to break the ice. Then you can explain the whole story, and show her how to put a pad onto a panty. Also give her a pack of pads and 1 lose 1 in a small pretty bag, for her to put into her school bag if she likes. You can also get a gift card from a store that fits your budget and give it to her at the end of ur 'talk' and tell her you would like to take her shopping for her first training bra (give her a date). Keep it light and something super special between mum and daughter.

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