Slms. Pls help. My husband and I have been married for over 5 years and are expecting our first child. We have had marital issues during our marriage and have been to see counsellors, both non Muslim. We've also spent a lot of money on this. It helped for a while but we usually revert back to old ways, though not as bad as before. We would like to visit the Islamic Care Line in Jhb to seek help. Just want to please find out from other people who have been to them if it has helped them overcome their issues. We want a very balanced perspective based on Islamic values. However, we do not want conservative advice that is biased towards men, e.g. 'it is ok to hit ur wife.'
Reason we want to go to Islamic Care Line is 2 fold - 1st to get an Islamic perspective and 2nd as we have already spent a lot of money on counselling. If this doesn't work then we will go and see a professional psychologist. ANY advice and suggestions would be much appreciated, especially from couples who have been before. JazakAllah