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Thread: youth of today - a message to the parents,

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    youth of today - a message to the parents,

    slmz parents, sisters, and brothers.....

    i am not sure if anyone else feels this way, but what is happening to the youth of today?

    i being of the youth myself, would just like to mention a few things.....

    the dressing of the girls, the freedom of the boys........where are the parents?
    why are parents encouring their children to be divas? and if u are not encouraging it, why are u NOT STOPPING IT? girls wearing strapless tops, legs exposed, all happening in front of the eyes of their parents, yet they say nothing?

    i want to kno, what is the reason for parents keeping quiet and allowing their children to carry on in this humiliating way?

    those days of respect, modesty, shame are all gone.
    definitely living in the times of qiyaamah.

    my statement is just to urge all parents to take a close look at your children. do not be blinded by your love for them. if u love ur children u will raize them according to nabi saw teachings inshAllah Aameen.

    these days its all about gossip girl on tv, vampire diaries, the need to look like a barbie and act like one, rude, inconsiderate and materalistic.

    the amount of teenages with decent manners, dress, strong values are very minimal.

    please let us strive to educate our children, after all, we would like them to attain the highest of jannah one day IA, and we would like them to have a healthy mind, and grow up into adults that are mature, able to cope in life, and have the skills to one day teach and instil in their children the best values and character possible.

    our children are the future, let us invest in them wisely.

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    I could not agree with you more!!!

    Not only are our kids out of control but so are some of the adults so what can you expect from the kids?

    Can someone please answer why the following is acceptable

    Having "girls nights" and "boys nights" away from the family
    Going out with friends even if you are single and staying out till early parts of the morning with no scarf, short tops and skin tight jeans
    Skin tigh jeans
    Mixing with the opposite sex
    Having the opposite sex as your bb contacts and facebook friends all in the name of fun

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    Unfortunately everyone wants to dress like people in Western countries and immitate the people in Gossip Girl..

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    glad to see a few ppl still left who agree alhumds

    thanks ladies for commenting.
    it is true, adults do not know how to behave, that is why the teens, young adults end up behaving in an unislamic fashion thinking it is acceptable.

    may Allah swt guide us all always InshAllah ameen..........

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