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Thread: How do I do matric again?

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    How do I do matric again?

    Slmz plz post anon

    I finished my matric and passed with an exemption (bachelor pass) I did Accounting business studies and life science (biology ) however I'd like to study medicine and the compulsory requirement subjects are mathematics and physics ... Is there a way I could do these subjects ? How long would it take and the cost ?where ? Name of institute can anyone help with contact details plz

    my cousin only completed her grade 5 and went to madressah to complete a alimah course now she is 23 years old she would like to complete her matric how does she go about doing this ?

    Plz help Allah will reward you abundantly .. Shukran in advance

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    I'm not sure where you are situated, but Wits offers a bridging course designed for applicants who have not met all of the initial requirements and are accepted on the basis of writing the selection test and/or interviews. If I am not mistaken it is over a period of six month. Contact Wits for details or the university of your choice.

    As for matric, it would be advisable for your cousin to over some ground (particularly in mathematics) before she attempts matric. What subjects does she plan on taking? Again I am to be corrected but I believe you need a grade 9 report to proceed to matric. If she is interested in home schooling she can contact damelin or intec for syllabus.

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