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Thread: How to thin calves

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    How to thin calves


    Is there any specific exercise/s one can do to reduce calf size. Would running or jogging help. What distance would achieve that?

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    Thinner calves

    I often get asked how to get more defined calves ! So when most people want more I guess what you want is less calves ? The calves consists of three muscles - so it is a big muscle . Genetics play a huge role in calf size ! Any form of cardio exercise works on calves esp cycling or running!
    I have 3 suggestions .
    1- A cardio alternative is rowing and lateral stepping .
    2- Also we need to look at the fat percentage around the calves ! If this can be decreased - the size will be smaller definitely .
    3 - Maybe you should consider increasing quads and hamstrings to create a smaller illusion of your calves.

    I hope this helps !
    Stay healthy !
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