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Thread: issues regarding ex bf

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    Post issues regarding ex bf

    Need advice been in a long distance relationship with a guy exactly a year ago he approached to marry me but sis inlaw didn't approve anyways after that's its been like 9 months n no contact wid him, I yeArn everyday to call or speak 2 him but to off noe help I miss me a lot n worry abt him if he's safe I just want peace btwn us and to aleast talk sum timeS I think off me always what do I do #ps I got no contact off his

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    i am not sure if this question was asked before. best is to just forget about him and move on with your life. If he was interested in you, he would have made contact with you long time ago. the sister or anyone would not be a factor if he really was interested.. so best is to move on and forget about this..

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    trust in Allahs guidance

    theres a reason why he is not your husband, Allah knows best, and has put aside someone special for you :-). have trust in that, and read salatul hajaat namaaz and ask Allah to remove any difficulty from your pathway. IA happiness will come your way again.

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