slmz pls post anon its been 4 years since my divorce and the x won't pay me out as per our divorce settlement agreement. I was made to sign a power of attorney and him and his lawyer swindled me out of my share in a property development project as well as my 51% share in a business I built and operated for 13 years.I walked away with nothing. My kids won't live with me coz their dad is financially set and I live in a dingy flat not condusive to the lifestyle they're accustomed to.

He has been keeping me on the line regarding payment and I didn't take any legal action. I have reason to believe that he has come into money generated from my property development project. I would appreciate the assistance of an attorney as a matter of urgency. (My teenage daughter was mollested twice under his supervision) I want my kids back and my share. are there any islamic organisations who assist with these types of cases. or any Lawyer willing to assis please