Hi everyone, my husband and i have taken the decision of having a maid looking after our babies while we are at work as we have no family members where we live to help us.

And in todays time, the option of being a stay at home mom is financially impossible.
I would like to hear from other moms who have a maid to look after their kids, how can you guide me to ensure that mybabies r being taken care of. My son is 20 months n my daughter is 5 months.k

How do i manage this maid to ensure my babies dont suffer? What tips can u share? What are the pros n cons of thisarrangement? do you think having a maid to take care of ur kids have pacted them negatively? Has ur relationship with ur child suffered coz u
work? How do u spend time with

H ur kids after work without worrying of household chores such as cooking etc.