So its been a tough road thus far for me reason being the following

Year 2010- Ex bf and I broke up
Year 2011- Ex bf decided to approach my parents for marriage,we accept but his sil disapproves
Year2011-present - no communication from ex...

My ex bf and I are both single, after his sil disapproved off our marriage he some how doesn't have the courage to break the ice n tell them he still wants to b with me..his bro n sil took away all his fones ect so he doesn't contact me ever.they take him around to see girls he refuses bcoz apparently he still got me in his heart.we known each other for 5yrs.I'm finding it really difficult to move on everyday I pin on to the little hope in me that things will work out and the fact that I heard he still got me in his heart makes me guilty n stops me from moving on.I still love him and I know I won't b happy with any1 else.

I'm so confused bcoz ppl smaller then me are getting married but I'm not its making me depressed..I can't let go off him either, and his sil just doesn't approve off me and hates me without even once trying to hear my side of the situation. I heard my ex has gone into depression bcoz he can't handle his sil n bro controlling his life n can't have me..

Hw do I contact him?
How do I get the family to approve of us?
How do I move on?

Confused please help