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Thread: Balance career and Motherhood

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    Balance career and Motherhood

    Salaams Nanima,I hope you or someone else can help me with much needed advice. I'm in my late twenties and leading a very successful career, Alhamdulillah. However, I would also like to start a family sometime soon. The problem I am experiencing is that I want to successfully balance my career and having a family, without the guilt! I would love to hear from other women in the same position as myself that have accomplished this. Ideally I would like to work half days with a Muslim nanny to look after my child from 7am to about 2pm. Is it possible to find reliable Muslim nannies? I can't seem to find any on the net in Jhb. I wish my parents lived in Jhb to help me, but unfortunately I am not that lucky! I do have my in-laws in Jhb but am not keen to have them staying with me to look after my children - I think it's an unhealthy situation. PLS can you or others offer some advice or tips. Other Muslim women that I have spoken to tell me that my priorities are all mixed up and that I should be a full time Mom. What exactly is the Islamic viewpoint on all this? The honest truth is that I do not have to work and my husband is able and willing to support me and a family. It is more for my personal well-being (i.e. I enjoy what I do) that i would like to pursue this route.JazaakAllah!

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    It doesn't matter what the Islamic viewpoint is. It matters what your viewpoint is. Your career is obviously important to you and you are accomplished at it and that is a gift from Allah. Particularly if you plan to have female children, a strong mother who works and has a career will be an important role model for them.

    Would you consider a non-Muslim nanny if they obeyed certain ground rules about how to care for your children/be in your house? Surely the most important thing is that they are respectful, polite, good with children, can drive, etc. Broadening your options beyond Muslim nannies might help if you can find the right person.

    You might need to go part-time, or explore options of working from home, but retaining your work while having children is both a financially and emotionally secure option.

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