Plz post as anon! Slms and hi to all! I need some advice plz! My son is 7yrs old and in grade 2! He gets homework everyday,even for weekends! Plz don't get me wrong I don't think there's anything wrong with homework for kids but I do believe there should be a limit! His homework takes him atleast and hour,that's leaving out madressa work! My son is a straight 'A student' alhumduliah! Th eproblem is that he gets so exhausted with work that there's no time to spend with us! I have asked lotsa family who have kids in grd 2,and they said their kids get homework every second day,and not like wat my lb gets! I have confronted the school(its a public school) and they said that's its the department books they ffg! Today he comes home with 3 books to complete during the holidays! Firstly I want to know from other moms who have kids in grd 2,if their kids get this much homework and who can I take this matter up with,coz I feel this school is pushing the kids too much!' Really tired and frustrated mom! TIA