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Thread: My sister in law keeps calling and smsing my husband

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    I think u should tell your husband that u dont like that she phone and sms him,if he is a sensible honest man he will take heed and try to stop entertaining her,if he stil doesnt then that means he is getting pleasure out of it, being a married man iI know that

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    The next time you guys are all together as a family casually mention something that she messaged your hubby about. Eg. I saw on his phone that you were waiting for us. We were running late that day. Was there something you needed to discuss? Each time relate the message when you are all together. That way her hubby will also realize how often it occurs and maybe it will caution her also about how inappropriate it is. Obviously both of them know that its not the norm and both still entertain it. Do this in a nice, calm manner without getting defensive. Maybe when its known by all what is occuring the habit will break. Good luck
    This is a very a good idea! TRY IT!

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    ayesha rangraje

    you have every right to be concerned about your sister in laws behaviour

    You have every right to be concerned about this very bad and inappropriate behaviour on both their paths. Please pluck up your courage and speak about it openly in front of your in laws and husband when you are all together. There is nothing innocent in any woman who deliberately tries to ingratiate herself in the regard of a married man nor is there anything innocent in a married man allowing such attempts to continue. Learn from all the horror stories out there of wives who were left devastated becasue their husbands supposed innocent friendship with another woman lead to him marrying the friend. If your husband has such a poor character you have alot of heartache ahead unless you make it known right now that you will not accept this. Please do not accept it. You deserve better. Anyone who tells you its ok for them to do this is very mistaken.

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    confront her

    Sister , I think u need to put a stop to this now! She needs to learn her place and there is no need for her to be texting ur hubby and saying she is waiting for "him". If she calls to say "hey we r waiting for you'll" its different. Give her a call and ask her why she keeps doing this , also ask her if her husband is aware that she does this. Tell her if she doesn't stop you will bring this up with her parents , yours and your in-laws. Tell yoir husband you don't like it and you will not tolerate it! So he should stop her before you bring up the issue with everyone's parents! This is definitely not innocent. I also phone my brother in law but never to say I'm waiting to see him - that's just mad!!! There is no reason for her to be speaking to him like that. And why is she calling him? Can his brother not be the one to call? Or his parents? U need to watch her body language around him... Hope you sort this out soon! How old is she btw?

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    Shukrun for all the replies

    Shukrun for all the replies, this has really helped me to pluck up the courage to confront her.
    Shukr itís been a week now and she has not contacted my husband.
    May Allah reward all of you in abundance.

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