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Thread: Marriage on the edge - husband needs help

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    Marriage on the edge - husband needs help

    My husband has been through serious trauma in his lifetime - found wife in bed with someone. Divorce which he was not willing to do and losing his children until he has money to afford a lawyer to fight for them in a court.
    He has also spent 2 years awaiting trial for a case that was conconted by someone and I believe this has hurt him in ways that I cannot conceive - this aside from the financial impacts of those two year. We live in my flat and i have my own car.

    The problem is that he lashes out at me and goes totally beserk the moment we have any kind of argument. I am expecting and we had a huge fight - he has left home. His family dont want to know about him - they also come from an environment where women accept anything that is dished out to them because they think that is how life is. (cheating husbands, loose children and that type of thing is not uncommon where he is from) My family told me to leave him the first time we had issues and they do not have the tools to negotiate this or help the marriage - their answer is leave him.

    I need a moulana/marriage councillor/ someone wise enough to deal with a really stubborn man to go physically to him to help resolve our problem. In the florida area. preferable someone experienced not a young someone.

    running out of options and extremely stressed.

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    I think this case has been attended to
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