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    السلام عليكم

    I'd like to know, is car & house insurance allowed?

    Also could this be verified. I recently heard that when one is travelling and is musaafir, qasr salah is read. However once you reach your destination even if it is less than 15 days you have to read your sunnats too. Is this correct?

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    Insurance is Haraam because there is an aspect of interest and gambling in it. Gambling is found in this manner that, from one party the payment of monthly premiums is definite, whereas receiving anything from the insurance broker is not definite but only possible. There is possibility of all the premiums being lost and there is the possibility of getting more than the premiums.
    There is interest in this way that money will be received (from the insurance company as compensation for the theft) in exchange for money(that were paid in as premiums); and in Islam when monies of the same currency are exchanged in a transaction then both the amounts have to be equal. Any difference will render it a transaction of riba/interest
    Hence car and house insurance is not permissible.[Ref: Fataawa Mahmudiyyah Vol, 16 Pg, 387]

    Sunnah Salaah for a Traveler

    What you read is correct: When a person reaches his destination( even if it is for less than 15 days) one should read the Sunnah Salaah. Shaami V 2/ P131


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