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Thread: HIV+? Willing to share your story?

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    HIV+? Willing to share your story?

    Assalaamu alaikum

    I'm a journalist fellow in the International Women's Media Foundation HIV/Aids Reporting Fellowship. One of the stories I'm focusing on is HIV within the Muslim community. HIV does affect us too. The aim is to attempt to destigmatise Muslims living with HIV, and to offer an insightful portrayal into their lives-disclosing status, or keeping it secret; reaction from family and friends. Have we as a community become more accepting, and less judgemental? Do support groups like the Muslim Aids Programme play a worthy role?

    Also, an offshoot story will look at the calls made by the Jamiatul Ulema & other bodies for compulsory HIV testing before marriage. I'm interested to know thoughts on this. And would you marry someone if you find out they're HIV+?

    If you're HIV+, and willing to share your story, please get in touch. Facebook: Bibi-Aisha Wadvalla Email: bb.aisha@gmail.com

    The story will appear on radio, online, and possibly tv. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, I can assure full anonymity.

    Was salaam

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    Is there a link?

    I am very interested in what you are trying to do and I commend you for your efforts. Is there anywhere we can have access to the material?

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