Nanima please help - Ladies please give me some insight here, What exactly is wrong if a guy is divorced and has kids? does that make him less of a man or less eligible, does the fact that he can love, support and take care of his kids make him less attractive to the fairer sex? I could be way off the mark here but if a guy has kids and can love and care for them as well as a mother can does that not make him a real man a better one maybe because he is in the role of a caregiver already, is that not what women want? some1 that in adverse conditions and situations can raise up and stand tall, does this not prove that the women will be loved because a man that can love his daughter can love and hounour his women? Any guy can Say i love you to a women but does the fact that its visible for all to see that he is capable of loving and caring? Would "you" (ladies) really look at the guys kids as something or maybe even a barrier and run in the opposite direction even if you are TRULY happy with the guy and really in love with him, Would this deter you from pursuing a relationship purely because the guy you are madly in love with has kids and is divorced? no disrespect meant to any women and if you are offended i profusely apologize, Women tend to look at the "bad cases" which i know and admit are VERY common. But would you throw away a great relationship on what ifs? nothing and no one can guarantee anything granted but if a man treats you like a queen would you discard it or grab on and hold on for dear life knowing deep down his man would make you his everything? #veryconfused