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Thread: bladder infection

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    bladder infection

    Recently I hav been experincing extremely painful bldder infections , I have been drinking citro soda but not helping , any other recommendations

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    You need to consult with your medical practitioner to assess whether your bladder infections are due to an infective cause (which they can assess using a urinalysis) or if it is non infective. Citro soda can he used as a means to prevent bladder infections especially but not as a method of treatment. If it is infective then you need to ensure that certain behaviours and practices that may be making you more susceptible to infections are changed. These include not emptying your bladder when the urge presents, wearing linen or fancy underwear which don't allow your privates to breathe (wear plain white cotton underwear), incorrect wiping methods after using the bathroom (you should wipe from front to back and then discard the paper), the use of soaps and other harsh chemicals in that region (this includes washing your underwear with harsh detergents. use the green bar of sunlight soap and make sure your rinse out everything. you can also iron the underwear to kill any germs that may have settled on your under garments). if you are engaging in intercourse, make sure you empty your bladder before and afterwards. if the inflammation of the bladder is non-infective then you need to assess and rule out all irritants. this includes the above mentioned and foods like chocolates and caffeine, acid rich foods etc. make a food diary and check and see if there is any link between the foods you eat and the bladder pains. then cut these foods out and assess for an improvement in the pain.

    Below is a starting plan for you

    • No liquids after 10pm
    • Avoid coffee and tea due to its diuretic effect
    • Take 1 pre/probiotic daily to maintain good environment and good balance of normal flora
    • Take 10ml colloidal silver 2 times daily
    • Cut out all sour foods as this produces excess acid
    • Use stress away 1 two times daily and livotibb 1 three times a day
    • Eat plain oats as this neutralizes the acid produced by the liver and bile
    • Decrease red meat intake
    • Grind 20 grams each of the following and use a half teaspoon 3 times a day: coconut, sugar candy and sesame seeds.
    • Keep a positive mental attitude

    You can also try Tibb renotone and Tibb septoguard
    Dr Joy Saville
    BSc (CHS). BCM (UTM) Summa Cum Laude
    Unani-Tibb Medicine

    Always consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information to your own situation.

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