Radhiyyah Asmal
slms....dos any1 know a recipe 4 da savoury called hi-tecs??
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Petri Dish All i know is that's a shoe, my husband wears "lol"
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Nabeela H Seedat I know you get 'hitech samoosas' this has a filling of salami, cheese, peppers, onion etc!
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Ayesha Loonat Ok I think its rocket samoosa you lookin for google Radio Islam-Recipes wiil find it under sumptious savouries
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Umie Salma Thokan I copied dis recipe off 1 of my groups - havnt tried it tho but itz d 1 u lookin 4 Pizza samoosa….. [hi tech samoosa]3 – colour peppers cubed
Sundried tomatoes chopped
Chopped olives
Gouda,,,ch eddar,,,mo zzarella cheese cubed
Lays cheese and onion crisps
Salt/peppe r
Grated polony [optional] …..
Briaise in olive oil
Add crushed crisps…
Fill into pur as for samoosa…
Yummy!!!!!kiddies luv it
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Ayesha Faki Is it not jalepino samoosas ?
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Hasina Hajat Isn't the hi-tex samoosa the one filled with asparagus and then covered in crumbs? That's what I know it as
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Naseera Trajia Choped onions,cubed chik fillet,salt,lemon peppa,lemon juice,jeeroo,green masala,3 colour peppa's cubed.cook above in ghee.let cool.add asparagus,2 kind of cheeses,fresh dhania.fil lyk samoosa.dip in egg & crumbs.
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