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Thread: Death of a Spouse

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    Death of a Spouse

    After the death of your spouse ,how long would u wait before remarrying.(muslin ladies after iddat).Would u go for a widow/widower,divorcee,spouse with small kids ?

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    Islamically it is important for one to remarry soon after ones partner has passd on,and this is beneficial for a person with or without children, ones getting married for the sake of اللهُ shall b granted happiness and peace from the Almighty! Nikah is a blessing, and we should move on and not be a burden to anyone esp our kids and their husbands/wives. It is unfair to follow our sons n daughter inlaws everywher and always expect to be the centre of their lives, infact it is sinful to make them chOose between their wives n us their mothers, let them live their lives and we need to let go n let them live their own lives n need to stop preachin about how we are our sons responsibities!

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    That shud depend on the person getting married. If they are ready after their iddat they shud marry and not worry abt ppls judgements. nowadays it is not acceptable to marry befor the year is up bt that is totally not wat Islam advises. As fa who to marry it shud be a person who has good Islamic morals n values n places Allah first that way u r assured of happiness. Someone who is a widower if u r a widow is probably better as they will understand wat u have experienced. Bt it's not necessary. Wen it cums 2 kids both parties shud be TOTALLY HONEST abt whether they r willing to take the others child in as their own. Rather say no if that's wat u feel than hav complications later

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