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Thread: heartbroken

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    Feeling like u

    Im feeling so unloved right now. My husband always complains his tired never wants to be initimate only time we are intimate is when I bring it up. Found his been on his phn woth porn before that hia been awake @ weird hours of the morning also on these porn sites. Why would he rather be on porn sites than be with me his wife. How do i overcome this? How do i trust him. Only Allah knows what he gets from this....

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    it is so unfortunate that we are subjected to this. It is something very difficult to get over. From my experience you would always be looking over your shoulder. I still haven't gotten over what happened. To an extent that I don't even like to be intimate with him because of what happened... I don't trust him. So I cannot tell you that it will be easy or that you will definitely get over it... I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this. It is so unfair dear. I feel for you sincerely.

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    This whole fitna of porn begins from casting evil glances at that which is haraam, ie strange women. If one controls his gaze, the most beautiful one in a mans eyes will be his wife . Casting evil glances only causes the heart discomfort as one looks at a woman and desires her, and the fact that he can't have her has a negative effect on him and he becomes restless in his heart. May ???? guide us and give us the ability of controlling our gazes. ?????? ?? ?? ????????

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