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Thread: Abused women not protected by South African muslim scholars

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    Abused women not protected by South African muslim scholars

    My friend was abused,raped by her own husband,she confronted the Imam with doctors reports etc and was told go for councilling, for that he beat her so badly she was in a wheelchair for a year, last year she could walk and planned with her 17, 15, 7, 2 year old and since he raped her she was pregnant to run away and start a new life away from his drugs even though he comes from a good Memon family, Nov 2012; she took her kids and ran to all the organisations in mayfair, they all turned her away and said go back home, Dec 2012 she gave birth and from the hospital went back to the muslim organisations asking for food vouchers to feed her 5 kids, again they said No the vouchers are for pensioners only, she slept at park station until we found her, she has no work as she followed the shariah that a womens place is at home, no money, no food,no clothing, my question is Do women get assistance to start a new home, rental,food,clothing, her 4 weeks old baby has nothing, how could they turn her away, where is the muslim women protection? she said the only food and accomodation at a shelter in town came from a nun, when she mentioned she is muslim, the nun said to her, we are all children of God..., yet the muslim women at the organisations turned her away and as she walked out her kids would say, mom we not beggers why they so rude to us, Why dont the muslim community have a council to complain to, or do we publicly expose these muslim organisations? How did they fail a descent women with 5 kids on the street trying to protect her kids from drugs and abuse......

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    Kindly get assistance from Islamic Care line in Johannesburg Inshallah they will assist in this regard.

    Address: Islamic Careline
    P O Box 42862, Fordsburg,
    Johannesburg, Gauteng 2033, SOUTH AFRICA

    Phone: (011)373-8080
    Fax: (011)373-8099
    General Information: Social Welfare Services

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    please contact NISAA -
    • Counseling and shelter services
    • Awareness and advocacy
    • Training
    • Developing local, national, regional and international partnerships.

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