slmz please post anon. I am a muslim mother in desperate need of some good/professional advice. I got out of a marriage after 13 years about four years ago. It was an ugly divorce, in that I cheated on my x (no judgements please) I know that i've commited a major sin, Allah knows best. Well as a result of my actions, my x who was obviously very bitter, cheated me out of my property, possessions and most importantly my kids.

I was the driving force behind a thriving business, that I started and managed for 13 years. To make matters worst my x told my minor children of my indiscretions (the affair) and didn't spare them the gory details.

For the past four years we've had many confrontations, which usually end up in a fist fight. In all of the chaos, a family member sexuallly assaulted my daughter at age 12.

I have been fighting for the kids to live with me, but coz of financial circumstances the kids end up going back to their dad. Now I just found out that my daughter was sexually assaulted again by someone known to her dad. Also that she engages in sex chats with total strangers on bb.

I made a big scene and cracked the culprits skull too, but my daughter made it very clear that she hates me and doesn't want to live with me. Her dad thinks that life's a competition between the two of us and put her up against me. I am sending her for therapy but she's not safe with him. I can't seem to get through to her.

I also can't afford the lifestyle that they are accustomed to. What do I do? She also suffers from a chronic illness and is not managing her illness well and her father is clueless about the condition and doesn't care about the long term effects it has on her future.