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Thread: Can wedding be cancelled due to PCOS?

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    Can wedding be cancelled due to PCOS?

    can a boys family call of the wedding because the future daughter in law has pcos... The boy doesn't have a problem with it but won't get married without parents blessings.

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    The boys parents fear she might not be able to conceive and have children.the truth is about 10 percent of women have pcos and most don't know and many do conceive by chance.its just a matter of chance.Suppose the boy might have a problem and he might not even be aware of it.

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    Naturally the boy's family will have a concern as it my pose challenges to having grandchildren and their sons happiness, however if you developed it later then what would they say? At the end of the day you will only be given what is meant for you and who knows maybe you will have many children if that is what is good for you inspite of the PCOS. Never feel bad about yourself- if they are not happy because of that then it might just be your gain and a loss to them. Good Luck

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    Allah knows best :-)

    just some words of comfort to you dear sister..........

    pcos does NOT MEAN u will not conceive.......and to rectify a post made above, women with pcos do not conceive by mistake.

    they are fertile and sometimes just require a little bit of intervention to help them conceive quicker, but if u are young in age, u will not have a problem conceiving. this is what was told to me by one of the best gynaecologists around.

    if u know u have pcos, address the cause of it, most cases it is insulin resistance. which can be treated with appropriate medication, as well as excercise on a regular basis. the reason why your cells become "resistant " to taking up insulin, is because of oversecretion initially due to too much glucose (sugars) in your body. excercise increases your glucose uptake into your cells, as a result, less insulin will be secreted by your cells, so excercise and correct dietary habits is a means to regulate your insulin. afterwhich your menses will become regular, and problem of pcos diminished or minimal :-).

    so dont worry about conceiving......that is in Allah swt hands.
    sometimes, if a wedding is put off its because it was not meant to be in the first place.......

    there is someone else out there for u..

    but if the boy ends up marrying u, and has his parents blessings.......then he was meant for u.

    either way, Allah knows best, and please do not worry about the baby issue......dua and addressing the reasons for the pcos will help u :-) InshAllah ameen

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