Slms. Help me I am in a very oppressive marrige. My husban verbally abuses me and oppresses me. He shows no interest for me n my 2kidz. He tells0 me I am not the right women for him and that he hates me. He says to me if I get pregnant he will abort the baby. He comes home late everyday and does not eat at home. I dnt no whr to go I hav no place to stay and he keeps on tellin me to move out. And I mus make the first move. My parents disowned me and my mother hates me. I had a very difficult and painful childhood. And I got married at 16 jus to get out frm home coz my mother use to abuse me. She burnt me and broke my eardrum. I made a lot of sabr till today. Recently my husban sold his blackberry phone jus all of a sudden and is usin a old nokia phone. I am gettin suspious. As his pro pic is still on my bb phone. He took out his sim card from his blkberry and is usin on nokia phone. He says he sold his blkberry. But why is his pro pic still on my blkberry. Wen I am sendin bbm on his bb its saying 4ent but not kidz r getting affected. My elders daughter took bb of my hustban to play games. And she saw that 3women on face book is conected to my hustban. Help me he lies and hides a lot from me. How do I catch him out. How do I go to check on facebook if he is really cheatin on me