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Thread: best weightloss method

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    best weightloss method

    Hello. I'm slightly over-weight and would like to know what's the best ways to shed the excess kilos?

    Does cardio help?

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    Dear poster

    Cardio is a fantastic way to shed the excess kilos, coupled by some weights training and a healthy diet - implement these lifestyle changes and watch the weight fall of, your stamina and metabolism increase, and your body start to tone. Many have the misconception that they need to do eg abs work to develop the abs, sure they will develop but only the cardio will help burn the excess fat sitting on top of the muscles! Try some classes like spinning, body pump, circuits etc to keep you focused if you have trouble doing it alone. Also i find that interval training is far more effective than running or cross training at a steady pace for a fixed period of time. Also, for the burn to start you need to do at least 20mins of cardio.. hope you find this helpful

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