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Thread: Will I be a stale bride?

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    Will I be a stale bride?

    Nanima please help, Inshaallah I am soon to be married and my family and I have been invited to the boys side braai function to be held a week before the wedding. There is a stigma in my family that girls cannot go to boy side functions. This would be due to najar and that everyone would see me before the wedding making me a “stale” bride. Please can I get other opinions on this. Jazakaallah.

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    That is most certainly just a superstition passed down through the years. No basis in Islam.
    I guess the thinking behind it is that 1 of the main things people look 4ward to @ a wedding is when the bride arrives. Its always like a revelation because some people haven't seen her for months leading up to the wedding so they haven't seen the transformation she may have undergone in terms of weight loss or just the glow of happiness on her face.
    In the week leading up to my wedding, my friend told me to wear old looking clothes because if I dress up all week, I won't be outstanding on my wedding day, lol.
    It doesn't matter what u do or wear, every bride is outstanding on their wedding day. Congrats on the marriage

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    I agree with your family, it ain't a superstition it just old people being wise.
    Don't let your soon to be husband see you, give him the opportunity to miss you...

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    Jazakaallah for the answers and congratulations

    What I don't understand is I am having a mendhi wedding week- so surely people including groom will see me then? Make up and all. I don't quite understand it. Even with those that have had big engagements- surely everyone saw the bride then?

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    congrats on the wedding =)
    i am also a soon to be bride and im going thru the exact same thing u are going thru
    it confusing becos all u want to do is see him and his fam n send time wth them just to "test the waters"
    altho with me its abit more than that i am unable to go to his house at all. we listen to our parents becos at the ned of the day hey know what is best and they have been thru it.

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    Slm Wish you the best
    The mendhi wouldnt really be a problem because your fiance wouldnt see you until the big day
    And, what I noticed, brides always have a glow on the wedding and look really stunning soit wouldnt be a problem if you see your futur in laws

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