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Thread: How much more must i take?

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    How much more must i take?

    i have been married over 10 yrs and have not had it easy from day 1. Due to my inlaws unwanted interference my husband and i split up thrice in the beginning. I now find myself in a place where i cant fight for our marriage any longer. We live with my inlaws and i cant stand it.
    They walk through my home without asking. My father in law has seen me in my underwear on numerous occasions because he doesnt knock and sneaks up on me. When i turn around he is standing there and wont say maaf and look or walk away instead he stands and wants to talk.

    My mother inlaw wants to control everything from how i raise my children to where they go to school. His siblings have no respect for me as his wife and they walk through my home evens my bedroom.

    What i mention here isnt even the tip of the iceberg of what i have been through.

    I have supported (emotionally), encouraged and been there for him for many years and ask only love, respect and consideration in return.

    He doesnt touch me unless i initiate but can stare at other woman.
    When i ask his advice from career to car to general everyday topics his response is i dunno whatever you want.
    He treats me as though i am stupid and communicates with me in the same way.

    I am so frustrated that i becoming ugly towards him.

    His family want to discipline my children left right and centre swearing, shouting and intimidating and he sits by and allows it whereas i wont and because of that his family and i are constantly not speaking. They lie to him and he believes their lies over the honest truth that i tell him because of this i am constantly wrong and my children suffer.

    This is all making me resent him so much that it breaks my heart because i remember how much i loved him. I remember how special he was to me.

    Now i just feel angry, hurt and resentful. I feel like the only way is a divorce but i am so scared of the impact it will have on my children.

    Is my marriage over, should i walk away...

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    Smile marriage

    We often face difficult trials if we do not read, understand and follow God's guidance, which is the Quran only.
    Dear sister, please take the time to read the Quran regularly and you will find the best advice there how to deal with your very difficult situation.
    I pray that He guides you through the Quran to make the best decision.

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    Quran 5:15,16

    "Indeed, a Light and an illuminating Book has now come to you from God. With it God guides those who wish to earn His good pleasure to the pathe of peace and brings them out of the darkness into the light guiding them onto a straight path."
    Here Allah refers to Quran only and not to hadith.

    Compare 42 English Quran translations:

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