‎1 cup chicken fillet small cubes
cook in ghee salt,pepper,garlic an green chillies
cook an leave aside.

Tomato sauce
(can be used for lotsa diff pastas an as a pizza base..)
Braise 1/2onion in lil olive oil don't let it get brown add..
5grated tomatoes
1 tin whole peeled tomatoes or 1 tin tom+onion mix.
2tsp garlic.
1/2tsp salt
1tsp chili pwd
2Tb lemon juice
2T tom puree
2T tom sauce
1/2tsp oregano...
cook on low for few hrs until thick and flavors blend together...

U won't need all this sauce...freezes well in portions..can use as req...
Boil Penne pasta ...add chicken....sauce...and lots sliced spring onion to ur pref