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Thread: Crunchies

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    2 cups oats
    2 tbls syrup
    1 cup sugar
    112g marg
    1 cup flour
    1 tsp bi-carb (level)
    1 cup coconut

    Melt marg & syrup, stir in bi-carb until bubbly.
    Mix all dry ingredients together and add to syrupy mixture.
    It will be a crumbly consistency.
    Press into a flat greased biscuit pan and bake at 190'c till light and golden. (15 - 20 mins).
    Cut into squares while still warm.
    Leave to cool in pan before removing.

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    Crunchies are one type of biscuits which is only different method to cook it. recipe is very good to cook crunchies at home. Method of making crunchies is so easy.

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