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Thread: 7 year old daughter yearning for her father

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    confused mother

    7 year old daughter yearning for her father

    . Need some advice pls. I got divorced when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 7 yrs old. She has never known what it was like 2live with her dad, however, recently she's been asking a lot of questions 2which I am trying 2be as honest as I can without hurting her feelings or confusing her. Just not too sure how much of the 'truth' can be told at this tender age. Since her Dad is not from Jhb, he's visits over the past 7 years has pretty much been limited to 1ce every 6 months. During he's recent visit, she's been filled with emotions, and insists that I accompany them on their outings. As much as I know this is islamically wrong, it brings so much of joy 2her that I just don't know what 2do anymore. My heart breaks 2have 2see her go through soooo much at this age. I make sooooo much dua everyday that اللَّهُ grant her the sabr, strength, patience and understanding 2accept what اللَّهُ has decreed 4us and make it easy on her Inshaa اللَّهُ آمــــــــــين. Any1 else been through similar situations and does it get any easier? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jazakallah.

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    I cant advise you other than to recommend speaking to a councilor who deals with children. My heart aches for you. These are my fears and my journey has just started I am 7 months now and 2 months divorced. Allah guide you and me to parent them as appropriately and as best possible. Please do post on the divorced muslimah facebook page - it is also anonymous and there are lots of helpful voices there.

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    Please help me understand how people seperate/divorce @ what suppose to be the happiesnt moments of their life :'( this realy makes me feel depressed but also so proud that u mothers are so strong for urslvs and for the children u bare single handedly. My hat goes off to u. All the best with your child may allah (swt) guide us all in our lives and make the roads smooth sailing.

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    I been divorced for abt five years now my x wife has kept my daughter from me for five years now I know the feeling

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