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Thread: Want a baby

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    Want a baby

    I really want a baby but I am only 18 :/
    Is is too young to have kids??...

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    Im going to assume you're married and if you're only 18 then you really must be newly married.

    At the end of the day Allah decides when you will have your babies, but if you are purposely going to try and have a baby...I personally think you're too young. You're still a kid yourself and you need to live your life. A baby is no joke, while they are one of the greatest blessings in the world, they also consume your life. They're a great responsibility, its not all fun and games. I always say that I don't think about having a baby or being responsible for a baby...I think about having a person and being responsible for that person's complete wellbeing. A baby doesn't stay a baby forever, they grow up, need to go to school, you have to feed, them, clothe them, take them to the doctor/hospital when they get sick, educate them, love them, be there for them and take complete responsibility for a life thats in your hands.

    I apologise if I sound condescending, you may have had lots of experience with other babies in your family and know all of this already. However, knowing it and actually living it are two very different things. Your world will revolve around them. Being responsible for that person that Allah has sent for you to look after is not a small task, you need to do right by that person and look after the gift that Allah has given you. So think hard.

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    Concentrate on other things now enjoy life, v kids when u 25 n older u r more mature n patient n would v enjoyed ur time without a baby remember ur entire life changes n there's always the worry in the bck of ur mind is baby safe, aren't u inconveniencing ppl etc all the best

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