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Thread: My father wants to rule my life

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    daughter in distress

    My father wants to rule my life

    My father is probably d worse human being on earth.... He thinks he's d boss of d universe and everybdy mus kiss hs toes.... He has a complex problem n is always fighting wd my mother about authority.... I am 21 year old female.... My father wants to rule my life , he has a problem that my mum sis n I go out.. Wen we sit at home he barks abt everythng he complains n verbally abuses us n tells us wt pathetic kids we are... We have no freedom at home bcz he watches our every move.... I am a girl I have t have my space n privacy he wants to know everythng.... He is fyting wd my mum as I spk n I cnt tke it anymore please advise me

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    said every girl

    every girl in her early 20's (most atleast) hate their father. Make sabr or speak to him. Ghassat or complaining or speaking badly, takes away your sawab and doesn't improve your situation.

    Act your age by being adult.

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    Maybe the father should treat her like an adult for her to act like one. It's very easy to blame the kids but Some parents need parenting lessons.

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    Slms. U sound so much like me about 10 yrs ago. I despised my dad, used to call him "osama bin laden" cos he was so strict esp abt religion and when u young all u want to do is go out and be free.
    What I didn't realise then is that my father was protecting me; physically, from the monsters out there, and spiritually. He was protecting my imaan because when u are let loose on the world without guidance, its so easy to lose your way.
    When it came time for me to marry, I married the love of my life and my father had no problem with it being a love marriage because he knew he raised a girl who was solid in her imaan and sure of herself. Also, my in laws heard only good things 4rm the people in my town when they did their "checks" because my reputation was intact due to my father's actions.

    Now that I am happily married, I see that my father has mellowed but I still turn to him 4 advice and he will always be my rock. I owe him so much! And my husband is very grateful

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    Salaams, I'm only slightly older than you and come from a strict home, growing up I felt stifiled by authority so I kind of understand. Being protective is in the genetic make-up of fathers, your dad sounds(from ur discription) to hve coupled this natural protectiveness with his possisive, tempremental personality traits. You must understand that out parents have a lot going on that we dnt knw about...but if its making u miserible, sit him dwn n talk to him bout it, ask 4 his trust and sum lee way...if u feel u can't talk to him, write it down in a respectful, humble and polite, insha'Allah his heart will soften and he will understnd ur feelings, things will improve, hang in there enjoy every min in ur parents home, nowhere is as comfortable, even thu sumtyms it may seem so annoying n u cnt w8 to get out...all the best!

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    mr x

    A little bit of rat poison mixed with tea will do the trick

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